Australian Carbon: Working Together To Rebalance Earth

Through Farmer lead innovation Australians are committing to Net Zero Carbon by 2030 & Carbon Negative by 2040. Australia will become the new lungs of the world and the Green Energy leader of the Modern Age.


Working Together To Rebalance Earth

Our Proposition: Agricultural Land to Sequester C02 Like A Forest

Having worked all round the world with First Nations people, our process and goals center around the concept of regenerative agriculture. A system that is based on leaving more than we took.

As part of a collaborative effort Defugo, Sydney University and Australian Carbon have collectively joined forces to solve one of the biggest challenges the world has ever faced.

How do we turn back time on the environmental impact we as humans have had on this planet?

The answer does not come from fancy machinery, physics, or industry change, but like most revolutions, it starts underground…


The Genesis Of Life On Earth As We Know It Starts With The Soil And What Lies Beneath

We Must Restore Balance

  1. Since the first discovery of planting seeds in the soil yields a positive return for mankind, nature, in turn, has been sacrificed bit by bit as each season has progressed.
  2. This is not due to the bad intentions of mankind but rather due to its ignorance pertaining to the long-term consequences.
  3. In the beginning, we saw that a healthy earth would return a bountiful harvest. As time progressed this process was made less effective year over year due to lack of proper soil nutrients and the health of good bacteria. Stubborn as we are, mankind decided that it knew the things that the land needed to thrive and survive more than those people or times that came before it.

This egotistical mindset resulted in one of the largest shifts of ecological and environmental stability that history has ever seen. To understand how this happened it is important to understand how much of the land is used.

The “Why"
We’re Facing Disaster

Out Of Balance For Such A Vast But Sparsely Populated Country



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The “How”
Creation of an Australian Carbon REIT

With Its Abundant of Empty & available Land, Australia Is Uniquely Placed In The Fight Against Global Warming. Australia Can Use Soil Sequestration To Punch Well Above Its Weight In Helping the World Reach Global Net Zero.
To achieve this, Australian Carbon is establishing a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that will reach Carbon Net Zero by 2030 and Negative Carbon by 2040. The REIT will acquire, lease and Joint Venture land under the following functions:


Australia has millions of acers of marginal, damaged and unused land that is suitable for our biomass.


Crown Land: Australia has 98 million hectares of Crown Land, we need to lease 4.25% of this to achieve Net Zero.

Generational Change

Australia’s average age of its farmers is 65yrs old. The REIT will take long term leases on properties to allow the asset to remain in the family and transition to future generations.

Joint Venture

Farmers: Joint Venture with farmers on cropping or rotational crops to acquire carbon credits and biomass for processing.

Land Owners:

Joint Venture with land owners that want to convert their land and participate in the journey to Net Zero.

Leasing & Buying Australian Crown Land

Abundant & Dormant Land Waiting To Be Used To Solve The Biggest Of Problems

Australia would need approximately 4,200,000 Hectares or 4.25% of the vacant crown land to be Net Zero CO2

98 Million hectares

Australian Crown land represents 23% of all available domestic land, while an estimated 12.5% is considered vacant/other and not currently slated for use by the government or any private entity.

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Leasing Land: Generational Change

Australia has an aging farmer issue, with the average age of its farmers now over 65 years old. With the next generation firmly established in city jobs there is no one left to take over the farm and continue the legacy. Australian Carbon is proposing to create a REIT that takes long term leases on this land that in the short term will improve its soil structure and carrying capacity, and in the long term will ensure that generations to come have the option to return to the land.


Joint Venture: Rotational Cropping

  1. Even farmers on good agricultural land are facing the reality that their land is slowly dying as our traditional crops take out more from the soil than they give back.
  2. Combined with the overuse of fertilizers such as phosphates and Urea, soils around the world and in Australia are depleted and in need of regeneration.
  3. The REIT will work with farmers to implement rotational cropping plans that allows them to rebuild their soil health and not sacrifice economic output.
  4. With soil degradation and poor long term farming practices in the agricultural sector contributing to 22% of global warming this is a step in the right direction.


Carbon Farming

Working with Australian Environmental Biotechnology, who have developed what they call “The Symphony Effect™” of a Regenerative Carbon Ecosystem. The Symphony Effect™ is achieved by combining proven soil regenerative technologies, into a stable long-term approach to sequester millions of tons of Carbon in our soils. By doing so Australian Carbon will be contributing to Australia achieving Net Zero Carbon and regenerating our agricultural land to hand onto the next generation.

Abundant production yielding 20 tonnes per Ha every 90 days & sequestering 36MT Co2 a Ha per cycle.

CCE cellular level extraction technology processes 100% of the biomass, making plant protein, energy & textiles. Waste Nothing.

Silicon in Diatomaceous Earth is a new technology with the potential to make Australians the world’s first carbon farmers, whilst simultaneously increasing crop production.

Miles of mycelium per square inch drawing down carbon & enriching soil, adding to the carbon sequestration.

Via pyrolysis process & inoculation via water filtration and natures own soil scientists, worms.

Soil Is Key
Soil Bacteria: The Backbone Of Life On Earth.

Soil Contains More Carbon Than All Plant Mass & The Atmosphere Combined.

Plant Matter

4x More Carbon Than All Plant Matter On Earth.

Earth’s Atmosphere.

3x More Carbon Than Earth’s Atmosphere.

Battery of life

The soil ecosystem functions like a battery of life, storing energy from sunlight via deceased organic matter.

Potential Fertiliser

C02 is potential fertiliser once we close the loop and return it to the soil so the large number of microorganisms can feed on it, propelling a healthy soil ecosystem

The Carbon Cycle*

  1. Plants use photosynthesis and act like carbon pumps feeding atmospheric carbon into the soil for bacteria to eat.
  2. Bacteria convert soil nitrogen into ammonia and feed the plants in return.
  3. The plants create a symbiotic relationship with the soil bacteria. The healthy soil can extend the plants root access 700 times deeper and wider.
  4. The bacteria create aggregates in the soil which act like yeast holding the soil together and allowing air and water to flow easily.
  5. The end result with our IP is the bacteria drawdown carbon creating a double effect of higher yields and metric tonnes of sequestered CO2E per hectare

Regenerative Carbon Storage Cycle

  1. GROW: Low-input phytoremediation biomass.
  2. HARVEST: Pelletization of biomass for storage & future uses.
  3. CARBONIZE: Pyrolysis of biomass pellets creates two byproducts: Gases and solids.
  4. SYNGAS: Electrical power generation from syngas /green hydrogen.
  5. BIOCHAR: Nature's nanotechnology exponentially increases the carrying capacity of the soil. A football pitch of surface area in a pinch of biochar, storing gig liters of water, millions of tons of carbon, and a forest full of nutrients in the soil.
REIT Returns: Better Soil = Higher Yield = EROI

By focusing the REIT on low value degraded soils that are determined as marginal land, the REIT is able to make considerable Environmental Returns On Investment (EROI). Income is made via the following:

Carbon Credits

Clean Green Energy Sales

Underlying Land Value

Growing Net Zero Carbon

SMATS Group: REIT Managers and Licensing

SMATS Group are international leaders in providing Australian taxation, finance and property investment services to Australian and foreign investors. No other company offers the range of services, accessibility, global expertise and experience.

With access to both wholesale and retail licensing in Australian, SMATS Group offer Australian Carbon unparalleled reach into the investor market. This is backed up with a 25 year operatorial history and winning multiple internationally recognised industry awards, testament to the value they place on quality service.


Australian Environmental Biotechnology (OBT)

Were ancient land regeneration practices meets cutting edge biotechnology.

Australian Environmental Biotechnology, or Oze Biotech as its known to those that work with them, have spent the last 20 years perfecting the nature first approach to soil regeneration.
Born of the land, Oze Biotech could see the slow death of the worlds agricultural lands as modern farming & chemical fertilizer applications didn’t manage the “Give Back” required of long term successful regenerative farming.
Realising there is no silver bullet to fix this problem, Oze Biotech went about building a process that drew on the knowledge of First Nations around the world and matched that with cutting edge Biotechnolgy to develop modern regenerative fertilisers that build soil ecosystems, not destroy them.
From Biochar developed by the Amazonians, to the humble earth worms that was championed by Charles Darwin to Diatoms that are responsible for providing the oxygen in every second breath we take, Oze Biotech has combined them all to create the Symphony Effect™ of Regenerative Carbon Ecosystems.
With OzeBiotech, Australia’s soil will be once again a living breathing combination of organisms that will sequester millions of tonnes of atmospheric Co2, now and fir generations to come.


Defugo Biomass To Energy – Game Changing Technology

Defugo Technologies (Defugo) and their technology partners, have developed a proprietary, patent-protected, zero waste, clean energy system for the cost-effective conversion of a wide variety of biomass feedstocks and Municipal solid waste (MSW) into either:
  • ASTM-approved renewable diesel,
  • A1 Avgas,
  • E10 Ethanol,
  • low cost hydrogen, or
  • Distributed or central-station electrical power.
The Defugo process will efficiently convert a high hydrogen synthesis gas to renewable diesel without using the Fischer-Tropsch process, catalysts or fermentation. This represents a major technological breakthrough.
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Answering Some Of The Worlds Biggest Problems

The Biomass To Energy Technology Offers A Sustainable Solution To The Following:

  1. Adequate food supply
  2. World Renewable energy demand
  3. Climate change
  4. Water-supply & reduced agricultural water need
  5. Desertification
  6. Forest Fire control
  7. Micro Grids & democratization of Energy Supply

Home Grown Energy

Our Farmers growing the energy that powers the economy:

  1. Money stays in the local economy
  2. Millions of metric tones of CO2 is sequestered with every crop
  3. Using bioenergy lowers the carbon target and helps Australia achieve Net Zero

Biomass to Energy Includes

  1. Biodiesel
  2. Ethanol
  3. Aviation Gasoline
  4. Hydrogen
  5. Electricity
Home Grown Energy Partners Page

Sydney University

Sydney University have assembled a multidisciplinary research team composed of distinguished researchers with complementary expertise pivotal to Australian Carbon. Our combined team has a track record of industry collaborations leading to research translation and significant outcomes.

  1. Validation of technology and processes to turn waste biomass into plant proteins, energy and animal protein feed stock
  2. Technology validation, processes & patents for the extraction of triglycerides, binders and plant proteins that sets us apart from the market.
  3. Plant selection, development and validation of Co2 sequestration rates
  4. Validation of the combination of all levels of the technology to create the worlds first large scale agricultural carbon sink.

Australian Farmers: Leading Us to Net Zero Carbon

Farmers Creating a Carbon Negative Supply Chain with the most renewable of resources, Biomass.

Food - Plant-based Proteins

Next generation food processing extracts plant-based proteins and clean water extracted from the biomass cellular structures.

Fiber & Energy

Plant fibers are processed into a sustainable textiles & building materials. Leftover waste biomass is converted to ethanol, diesel, sustainable airline fuel and Hydrogen.


All unused biomass is converted into biochar. Fungi and microbe inoculated biochar is the breeding ground the next generation of biomass and remains active for thousands of years to come.

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